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How We View Wealth Management

Ask ten investors to define wealth management. Actually, ask ten “wealth managers” to do so. You will almost certainly get ten different answers, with most heavily focused on investing. As a valued client however, you benefit from a cutting-edge team that has a clear and comprehensive vision of wealth management. 

Getting to know what’s important about money to our clients is a major part of our wealth management process. Our focus is to help our clients create a simple and elegant life where they are confident that they are making wise decisions about their money. This is a key component of how we view wealth management.

Wealth management is a blend of three components: investment consulting, advanced planning and client relationships. It's the mixture of these three components that make up what we define as wealth management.

Investment Consulting

  • Performance analysis
  • Downside risk analysis
  • Current portfolio cost analysis
  • Income strategies
  • Portfolio tax efficiency

Advanced Planning

  • Wealth enhancement, including cash flow management and tax minimization
  • Wealth transfer
  • Wealth protection
  • Charitable giving

Client Relationships

  • Collaborative approach that includes regularly scheduled calls, reviews and in-person meetings
  • Team of professionals, including legal, tax, insurance and investment advisors

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