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Welcome to the team!

On February 26, 2019, Patrick officially joined Napa Wealth Management as Director of Client Development and will be teaming with us to fulfill our mission to help our clients live simple and elegant lives by making smart financial decisions.  Patrick is experienced and understands the importance of great client service. He is committed to doing what it takes to serve YOU with excellence.

Patrick will continue to live in San Diego and work remotely. He will travel to our office regularly, every four to six weeks, to be with our team and meet with clients.  We are installing a new phone system which will allow us to transfer calls back and forth between our team, even when in San Diego or Loomis where Tim's office is when not in Napa. 

To read more about Patrick you can view his bio by clicking on his picture on our website:  https://napawealth.com/about-us

Want a better understanding of what a wealth manager should be doing for you?

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