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Congratulations Tim!

On February 28 Tim joined an elite group of 737 business advisors in the U.S. who have received the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation!  Tim put in over 100 hours of study in preparation to attend the Exit Planning Institute's 4-day executive MBA-style program in Dallas, Texas in last month.  He had to sit for a 3-hour proctored exam and wait two weeks for the results (those are grueling days while you wait!).

The CEPA program is a prestigious program specifically designed for business advisors who work closely with owners of privately held companies.  The organizing principle of the CEPA program is Master Planning, the alignment of the three legs of the stool (business, personal, financial), which is executed through the implementation of a process called the Value Acceleration Methodology™.  This is a huge accomplishment for Tim and will bring a lot of value to our business owner clients. 

To read more about this certification, visit this website:  https://exit-planning-institute.org/find-a-cepa/tim-ayles/

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